Traveling off the beaten paths, dictionaries of exotic languages, missions, Camino de Santiago ... a random list of things you will find on my website. If you are planning to (or you did) travel to Madagascar, South Pacific, especially Wallis, Futuna or Vanuatu, or you want to walk to Santiago, you are welcome to write me. I will be happy to exchange experience with you.

Dominik Maximilián Ramík

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New prayers recorded in exotic languages

2016-01-20 in Various

Another update on my project of recording prayers in different languages. Now 50 languages or versions are present: see the page.

Photos from cyclone Pam on Tanna

2015-04-13 in Various

A series of pictures taken mostly in Lowanatom school on Tanna island (where I am currently working) during cyclone Pam.

New photos from Vanuatu (2014)

2015-04-13 in Various

... see them here

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