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Prayers in Thado Chin

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Thado Chin

face Speaker: Cecilia (Myanmar, Hung Ken)
add_circle_outline Church: Roman Catholic Church
translate Info about the language: text_fields Script: Latin (info on ScriptSource)
import_contacts Source of the text: The text has been submitted by the speaker and is believed to be conform to the official church version.

Sign of the Cross in Thado Chin

Pacha chuleh lhagua theing minin. Amen

Lord's Prayer in Thado Chin

Van a om kapa aw na min ki ja hen na gam hong lhung hen van a na lung chang a kim bang in lei ah zong nad lung chang kim hen, ni sim a, ki sam an neh tui dawn tee, tu ni zong hong pae in kei ho chung a chun se te ka ngai dam bang in kei ho chun set na zong hin ngai dam in chuleh lehp nei pui hih in a gi loa kon in nei huh doh zo vin.

Hail Mary in Thado Chin

Chi vai Marry lung set na na dim pakai jin na om pih a nu mei zo se lah a, a nun nuam a na lai gil a Jesu zong a nun nuam ahi.
Pathein nuntheing Maria minchun se tee, kei ho ding in hong taou jing tan.
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