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Dictionary of Netwar (Lenakel language)

This is the first ever extensive dictionary of Netwar language (western Tanna, Republic of Vanuatu) published online. It is the fruit of several years of my work among the inhabitants of the island of Tanna. It contains translations of local expressions, pronunciation recordings and photographic documentation. Its purpose is to help in the preservation of the language and in passing it to the young generation.

If you want to use this data in any way, or found a mistake, please, contact me first.

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  •  (generic term) n iarames 
    often malicious, term derived from 'ieram ramemes' - dead man.
  •  n maselo 
    family of 'iarames', dwarves.
  •  n tiantian 
    family of 'iarames', dwarves.
  •  n kalwas 
    family of 'iarames'. Sometimes making noise in the jungle in the night. They join groups of people walking in the night to dance on customary celebrations. They can be persuaded to kill a man. Their dwelling place is in "Imakalwasmin" (lit. "home of many 'kalwas'").
  •  n peranepen 
    feminine form of 'ianepen'.
  •  n ianepen 
    malicious. If a man is lusting after a woman, this spirit will come in her form in the night to the man. After some time, the man will suffer loss of weight, weakness and various diseases.
  •  n prop Kiapako 
    name of one of 'iarames' with long arms. Mentioned in one legend. The root of the word is 'iapako'.
  •  n prop Seku 
    name of one of 'iarames' with long ears. Mentioned in one legend and in the game 'pikokai'.
  •  n prop Nowanuksuiu
    name of one of 'iarames', dwelling in an 'ikawsim' close to the village of Lowtaliko.
  •  n prop Kamiraurau 
    name of one of 'iarames'. Mentioned with 'Kapila' in one legend.
  •  (inalienable) n nanema- 
    of man.

Speaker: Noël Yeru (Lowanatom)

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