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Dictionary of Netwar (Lenakel language)

This is the first ever extensive dictionary of Netwar language (western Tanna, Republic of Vanuatu) published online. It is the fruit of several years of my work among the inhabitants of the island of Tanna. It contains translations of local expressions, pronunciation recordings and photographic documentation. Its purpose is to help in the preservation of the language and in passing it to the young generation.

If you want to use this data in any way, or found a mistake, please, contact me first.

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  •  n game
    game to entertain little children. One player shows his fists. The others hit them with their fists and shout "karuita!", after which the player hides his hands behind his back. The others ask him "When you went far away to see the world, what did you bring back?" The player says something that he likes (sweets, fruit, toys, ...). The others ask "Show us!" When the player opens his hands in front of them as if to show them what he came with, the others come fast and act like if they were eating fast all the thighs so that nothing is left for the player. And everybody laughs.

Speaker: Sylvano Kapalu (Ipai)

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