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Language posters

Here is a list of language related themed posters in Netwar language (a.k.a. Lenakel language), originally done for local communities to help them preserve their ancestral knowledge and for French and English kindergartens and primary schools on Tanna as educational material.

Birds: Local names and folksonomies of birds of Tanna

Human body: Parts of human body and its organs

Traditional astronomy: Sky chart of traditional Tannese astronomy with illustrations, Moon phases, celestial objects, ...

Traditional year and its months: The year starts with "kamaru nuw" ceremony of yam harvest in April. Names of months are today practically forgotten and it is hard to come to a consensus among the elders and knowledgeable people.

Days and time: Parts of day and days of week. Traditional week was a mobile one centered around today. Translations of western days of week are later adaptation.

Traditional names of winds: 16 names of winds according to their direction and rain-proneness.

Weather: List of weather-related terms.

Numbers: Traditional way of counting is base 5 (one hand) and base 20 (one man).

Shapes: Modern expressions adapted to describe "European" shapes-