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Rainbow over Wallis island, South Pacific

Traveling opens your eyes. One can spend hours watching documentaries from all around the world and think that he understands all its problems, knows how the life is there and yonder, and that here or there people are such and such. Or ... one can leave his comfortable chair and set off for a journey to touch the reality ... and to finally understand, that the reality is quite different from what he thought it is. Set off to live somewhere for a month or two, and why not for a year, with local people, living their way, to share their joys and troubles. Suddenly all those vague and strange "Wallisians", "Malagasy", "Rwandans" ... become specific people with names, friends. Such traveling opens eyes ... and heart. And it is this kind of traveling, that gives me the greatest sense.

I have spent together more than eight years on my trips and journeys. Here you can read a little something about the places where I spent that time. Just choose from the links above. You might also be interested in exotic languages and dictionaries, which I wrote on languages that I met on my travels.