Hello there,

My name is Dominik M. Ramík. I am an IT specialist by profession, with solid experience in natural sciences and linguistics, all of which I enjoy blending together in my research, teaching and software development projects.

I hold a Ph.D. degree from Université Paris-Est Créteil, France, where I conducted research on artificial intelligence and robotics at the Laboratory of Images, Signals and Intelligent Systems. Later in my life, I moved to Vanuatu. Here, I share my IT expertise with local youth and IT teachers through teaching and training. I also collaborate with the Vanuatu Ministry of Education, the National University of Vanuatu and partner with the New York Botanical Garden, the Department of Forests and BirdLife International on research projects in the country.

I am a Czech-Vanuatu citizen, equally fond of both my home countries, but currently based in Vanuatu on the island of Tanna.

Here are some ways to get in touch with me:


Good old email, right? Write to me at dominik.ramik@seznam.cz.


Visit my LinkedIn profile at linkedin.com/in/dominik-ramik for up-to-date information about my professional experience and drop me a line.

Social media

I am not very active on the Facebook these days, but feel free to write me a message on facebook.com/dominik.ramik.


See who I have worked with, read publications on some of the research projects I have been part of.